Christine Susskind

Artist's Statement

Collage art is for me a depiction of the fragmented nature of the world, but also ultimately of its togetherness; elements of the world can be brought as one in a new reality: disjointed and different, but deeply connected nonetheless. 

The images I am drawn to and assemble are more often a reflection of my subconscious than they are a product of true awareness of thought: in this sense, I am putting together the pieces of myself and bringing them out for all (including me!) to see. Collage art is thus a way to reach into myself and out to the world.

Most of the time, I select the materials I use based on some organic connection: the images I choose are often pictures of natural elements—wood, stone, grass, water. I bring them together in ways that resonate with me at the moment I am creating an image: sometimes, the result is humorous, sometimes it has more sober, philosophical undertones, but always it speaks to me. I know that my work is done when I feel some deep connection with the picture I have created.

Lately, I have been working more actively on portrait collages; assembling a likeness of someone using fragments of images that have some natural connection to that person is appealing to me: since collage is such a component and representation of who I am, I feel that it can also aptly characterize others.

Monroe, NY
July 2007

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